Big Lump on my Dogs Nose. Help?

Travis Szylak Asked: Big Lump on my Dogs Nose. Help?

My Labrador cross, has had a lump on his nose for a week. The Vet is unsure of what it might be, he is currently on antibiotics. In case of infection, possibly to do with his teeth even though Vet said his teeth looked healthy. If he had been bitten by like a spider or a bee, would it still be there after a week? The lump is half way up his nose on the right size and about the size of a softdrink lid.


Jordan Khalaf Answered:
Take your dog to another veterinarian's office and see what they can do for him.

Good Luck!

mystic Answered:
by softdrink lid do you mean a cup lid or a bottle lid? cuz if its a cup then damn that lump must take up half its head go to a new vet if the lump is that large good luck

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