My sister has made me her hypnotized slave?

Anonymous guy Asked: My sister has made me her hypnotized slave?

So, my older sister learned how to hypnotize people. I didn't believe her for a long time, until one day she hypnotize our mom into taking away our chores for a month. Then one day she asked me if I would let her hypnotize me.
I said no at first. I mean, I have the kind of sister who just LOVES to humiliate me. She kept asking and I kept saying no way. Then she said that she would pay me 50 bucks if I let her hypnotize me once. Now, I could imagine just how much my sister could embarrass me by hypnotizing me, but I wasn't going to turn down 50 bucks!
She had me sit down on the sofa. Then she had me look into her eyes. Of course my sister did always have pretty eyes. I mean, as she held my forehead and told me in a very soothing voice "look deeply into my eyes" I felt incredibly entranced by her them. They were drawing me in. And I found myself already doing everything she told me. When she said "relax…" I relaxed. When she told me I was getting sleepy, I felt like my eyelids were heavier than ever. And then she simply said "Sleep" and snapped her fingers, and that's all I remember.
When I woke up, she was there with a video camera. Apparently she had recorded me the entire time I was hypnotized. She was laughing, almost like an evil laugh. I asked what she made me do, and she told me that I had done the following: called my sister "Master" about 1,000 times; bowed down before my sister for five minutes; cluck like a chicken; bark like a dog; bring my sister food and give her a back massage. I didn't believe her, but then she showed me some of the footage. Apparently I HAD done all of that. I turned bright red. Then she said that most of the stuff that I did she could not get any of her previous subjects to do. "You must have a very weak mind!" she told me. "I can't wait to hypnotize you again!"
I reminded her quickly that our agreement was to hypnotize me once. Then she smiled her evil smile. "Ah, but I have FOOTAGE of you doing embarrassing things, and if you don't let me hypnotize you again, I will send it to EVERYONE and will upload it on YouTube." She had tricked me. My sister was always good at tricking people into getting her what she wants. I should have seen it coming. I basically had no choice, so I said "fine."
So the next day after school she hypnotized me again. This time I gave her a full body massage, and then I worshipped her some more. I even did her chores and her homework for her. Did I mention she hypnotized me to give her back her 50 bucks??? Again, she filmed it, so I was forced to let her hypnotize me again the next day. And the next day, and the next.
So basically my sister tricked me, and now I'm trapped being her hypnotized slave forever. Every time she will film the entire thing so that I can't say no to her. And her commands while I'm hypnotized get crazier every day. The worst thing is that I obey all of them. According to her I'm very submissive. She even says one of these days she's going to hypnotize me and bring all of her friends over to help give me commands.
Does anyone know how I can stop this? Or am I going to have to call my sister my Master, worship her and rub her shoulders every day for the rest of my life?


Hank hill Answered:
too long

Justin Answered:
stop faking and just do her already you incest

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